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the experts in the world of High-end Audio, Video and Home Integration Systems. Here at AVS we design, integrate and choreograph systems that operate everything electronic in your commercial or residential space. Hard wired and wireless we make it possible to manage audio, video, lighting, climate, communications from a single platform. With today’s technology, it’s hard to say what advances faster, audio or video. Ten years ago, A/V systems couldn’t compete with the worst movie theater. Today they can be better than any.

Disciplines in electronics, communications, and A/V reproduction are coming together to enhance the realism of the audio and audio/video experience more than ever. With the advent of HDTV computer driven smart-house multi-room remote control A/V systems make it increasingly important that your dealer be expert in all of these areas. Until recently, the high-end of audio reproduction has been based exclusively on a two-channel system which we conveniently refer to as stereo.

With the advent of the multi-layer disc, call it DVD, or anything for that matter, and tremendous advances in the speed and power of computers, it has become possible to encode and decode full range musical events into five or more distinct channels. The multi-channel audio system is inevitable. Accordingly, it is more important than ever that the dealer you choose be able to guide you in selecting components systems which are excellent in producing audio for music, video for cinema as well working closely, (in this case ourselves) or with other Company’s who Know, work with, sell, service and install other systems such as Computer Networks, Communications .

At AVS Design we believe we may be just the solution, unique in our level of expertise and knowledge allowing us to offer all of these disciplines under one roof helping to save precious time and money lowering ours! and your bottom line.

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