Our Offsite Data Backup is a type of managed service and provides remote backup to an offsite location for critical business files.
What make us different from the others ?
Our ability to backup hundreds of thousands of files while you sleep !
Recommended Equipment Requirements
– Windows File Server 2008 or above
– Backup Software
– Reliable Internet connection with upload speed at least 5 Mbit/s (Speed of Internet connection is important in terms of time required for overnight data transfer.  It depends on the amount of data that you need to backup.)
Backup Options
– Full system drives, data drives or disk partition backup
– Particular folders or files backup
– Backup files are compressed and encrypted with AES-256 algorithm at the client side
– The entire session is encrypted with SSL during transfer to an Offsite Security Center
Deployment Process
– Installation and setup of Windows Server
– Installation of backup software
– Specifying the backup sources – Drives, Folders, Files
– Scheduling the backup process
– Configuring the backup software according to your requirements
– Performing the Test Phase
Backup  Recovery  – The data recovery process depends on the type of recovery necessary for your particular situation and is realized:
– Remotely, when particular folders or files are required
– Physically, when partial or complex File Server damage occurs and full system recovery is required